To prevent the purchase of a fake Dabwoods device, be sure to only buy Dabwoods products from an authorized reseller.

The most notable difference of an authentic Dabwoods vape and an inauthentic one, aside from the quality of the product, are the features of the packaging.

Please refer to the link below to see how you can spot a fake Dabwoods product:

Fake vs Real Dabwoods Link

Authorized retailers that carry authentic Dabwoods products can be found on weedmaps

Due to cold weather or improper storage, your device can become clogged. The most effective way to clear clogs is to blow into the charging port (found on the bottom of the vape) until you see vapor come out of the top. To prevent clogs we recommend keeping your pen away from extreme cold or hot temperatures and humidity.

When charging, a white light will stay on the entire time. When that light goes off, that means your battery is fully charged.

We offer full gram pens for distillate, liquid live resin, and liquid live rosin. Half grams are only available for distillate and live resin.

Product descriptions including flavor profile are available for each strain on weedmaps

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